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Mobyko.com on board with 16-25 Railcard

Mobyko.com on board with 16-25 Railcard

Mobyko.com, the mobile web innovation company, are partnering with 16-25 Railcard to broaden its distribution to the youth and travel market.

The partnership will involve Mobyko offering free mobile backup worth £24.99 to all 16-25 Railcard (formerly Young Persons Railcard) holders. The partnership will be supported with inclusion of the Mobyko logo in 2.4 million Railcard leaflets distributed at 2,500 stations nationwide.

The offer will also be available at the 16-25 Railcard website (www.16-25railcard.co.uk) and will be promoted through ongoing email and direct mail activity.

16-25 Railcard holders can benefit from useful services of the Mobyko offering, such as online mobile backup. Other features include an online gallery for storing, managing and sharing mobile photos, videos and texts. Users can also send texts from their desktop through their Mobyko account.

Sharon Wesney, Railcards Partnership manager, said: “We are always looking for synergistic partners. Mobyko is perfect for our 16-25 target audience who are heavily reliant on their mobile phone and travel frequently.”

Jamie Bowler, Marketing Director, Mobyko.com, said: “We wanted to increase our brand awareness with partnerships like these and the youth market is well served by this deal. We are constantly searching for relevant partnership agreements that broaden our reach.”

All new and existing 16-25 Railcard holders will qualify for the Mobyko Premium service from May 19 2008.

Integrated agency Swordfish brokered the relationship between Mobyko and 16–25 Railcard.


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